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Wedding and Events Breakdowns

BloomAgainBklyn is the only non-profit organization in New York City that offers a wedding and event flower breakdown service to brides, wedding and event planners where we will pick-up and refurbish donated flowers into smaller arrangements  and redistribute them to local health care centers and community nursing homes in Brooklyn. 

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In addition to Opalia Flowers, we work with other floral designers, wedding planners and event venues throughout New York City,  Some of our “break-down” partners have included Ariston Flowers, The Arrangement NYC, Lewis Miller Design, Seaport Flowers, BAM and Brooklyn Historical Society.


We take care of picking up the blooms and providing paperwork so you can claim the donation as a tax deduction.


Through this program, you can give your bouquets and arrangements a second act and know that your flowers are putting a smile on someone's face and that you helped protect the environment while doing so.

Contact us to donate your flowers to someone in need. 

We refurbish flowers from weddings and corporate events almost every week in the summer.


Click here to learn more about how to volunteer for our flower donation arranging sessions.

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