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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Workshops

BloomAgainBklyn offers Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) flower workshops for company employees who want to give back to the community. These are excellent team-building experiences and facilitate corporate interaction with underserved and at-risk low and moderate income populations. CSR workshops can be held in the offices of the corporate partner in conjunction with New York Cares Corporate Volunteer Programs where BloomAgain volunteers bring in buckets of flowers and teach the employee volunteers how to cut and arrange flowers. These are led by BloomAgain floral designers and assisted by our volunteers.  The arrangements made by the corporate volunteers are then delivered to one or more of BloomAgain's community partners including nursing homes, residences for trauma victims, health care centers or food pantries.


BloomAgain also hosts CSR workshops at our locations in Brooklyn where groups of corporate employees ranging from 10 to 30 can participate.  CSR flower workshops involve a fee as a charitable donation to BloomAgain and is determined by the number of employee participants.   


BloomAgain has partnered with Credit Suisse, DocuSign, JCrew, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Columbia University and more than 40 companies. BloomAgainBklyn is also a certified partner in Benevity's Employee Engagement.  We take pride in strengthening community relations through collaboration with corporations who want to "give back" to local non-profits and others who share similar missions.

Contact us to discuss partnership opportunities.

Company with flowers
Company with flowers
Company arranging flowers
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